How to start the SIMPLE way

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How to start the SIMPLE way Empty How to start the SIMPLE way

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:49 pm

Hello! I know this can be very confusing. I was confused when I started and had to be walked through all of this from a good friend of mine.
I've decided to put a list of things together of what you should probably do first. To make this experience simpler.

1. Register if you haven't already. Make sure you remember your username and password.

2. Visit the Rule Topic, read through them and make sure you agree.

3. If your not positive on how to Role Play, then go to the Topic, "How to Role Play". This should explain most things, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

4. Visit the topic, "How it all started." to get a feel of how this Night World works, and where things are located.

5. Visit the topic, "Introduce Yourself." Fill out the sheet(All questions are optional) Tell us your name or nickname you'd like to be called, and stuff like that. Just so others can see we have a new member.

6. Go to the Characters Category. If you want to put down a Character Claim, then check to see if your character is open. If so, then just ask if you can be them. I'll most likely accept you. If you want to make an OC Character, then go to the topic "OC Creation" Read through what's there, and make your OC character by filling out the sheet.

7. Once you have been accepted, visit the topic "Users Creations". Read through the directions there.

8. Then visit the Circle your character belongs to. Introduce yourself, and wait for a reply. Make your character open, by saying what your character is doing then saying (open) after it. This will let others know that you are free to Role Play with. If it's okay. and you've asked first, then you can join in with others already Role Playing. If the Role Play is running slow for that day, it may take a moment for the people to reply. Patience deals with a lot in Role Playing.

9. Then, feel free to visit the 'Circle Lists' Topic. Check out other characters that are in your character circle and then other circles too.
10. After you've done all this, feel absolutely free to go into the chats and everything else. You don't have to follow this little list here, but I know it would have helped me out a lot when I first started.

Any questions, feel free to ask a mod or me. I'm not here to scare the crap out of you by being mean. I'm here to keep things tidy on the topics, and to help.

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